Date: 29/11/2020
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Sports, Vision and Hoops

Forget slam dunk highlights on ESPN. Is there anything that looks or sounds sweeter than a long range jump shot swishing throught the net? String music requires proper ball flight, arc and excellent depth perception in a shooter. 

There are three basic levels of depth perception; overlapping is the first and most basic level. You can tell this is present with only one eye. Using both eyes to "lock on" is the second level. Less locking contributes to poorer driving and depth perception at night. The third and most sensitive fine tuning of depth perception occurs when the central vision of each eye is working together. Small differences in the position of objects between the right and left eyes allow the brain to accurately judge depth. This is why we tell shooters to keep their eyes on the hoop!

If you want shooters to make more shots, have them focus on a small ring on the rim. Defensively, putting a hand in front of someone's face really does disrupt shooting. Knowledge of vision gives you and your players an in-depth understanding of how to shoot better or stop an opponent from shooting well.

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