Wednesday, 16 December 2015
Gonioscopy Used in Glaucoma

In earlier blogs, we talked about each of us having a normal intraocular pressure. The eyeball is a closed structure. with fluid constantly being produced and draining out. This fluid is produced in the middle of the eye and circulates through the pupil moving forward and out the edge of the eye in a structure called the angle. The angle is really the connection between the cornea and the iris. When we are evaluating your eye, we can estimate the angle but can't see it completely without a special lens called a gonioscopy lens.

If your intraocular pressure is high, you might be producing too much fluid or the fluid is not draining as quickly. Either way, fluid pressure inside the eye goes up. By using gonioscopy, we can evaluate how open the drain is, and whether there are any obstructions. The drain or trabecular meshwork is actually a Swiss-cheese-like structure with multiple holes of drainage for the fluid to percolate through. As we mature, the drainage angle becomes more narrow. This can cause the eye pressure to gradually increase and put us at higher risk for developing nerve changes or glaucoma. For glaucoma patients we check gonioscopy every two years at a minimum.

Posted on 12/16/2015 10:17 AM by Dr. Susan Kegarise
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