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Intraocular Pressure - Part 3

As a follow-up to my blog on January 4, I wanted to mention one other thing on eye pressure. You would think that anything that’s called pressure would cause you some discomfort, pain, or awareness if it was high. The reality is that your eye pressure has to reach roughly 45 or above before most people will even have discomfort. Therefore, if one of our doctors tells you your eye pressure is up, and the measurement is 21, I can definitely tell you that high eye pressure is not the cause of the aching in your forehead or the back of your eyes. Aching around the eyes may be due to sinus problems or other inflammatory causes. Eye pressure becomes very important to us when a diagnosis of glaucoma is made or when someone has chronically high eye pressure over time. We have excellent national and international studies that tell us once you’re diagnosed with glaucoma, that we can minimize your risk by putting you on medicine to lower the eye pressure. Another study shows that high eye pressure can be a risk factor for glaucoma if it’s combined with other clinical findings that we observe.  Our minimum protocol for glaucoma suspects is to have their eye pressure checked once per year. If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, our minimum protocols demand eye pressure checks two (2) times per year. As always, email me or call us if you have questions.

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