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Do I have to wear bi-focals? Part IV

In previous blogs I've talked about glasses and contact lens options to bi-focals.  Both provide the ability to see far away, at the computer, and up close while working or performing activities. Many patients say prefer to not wear glasses or contacts at all and ask about laser vision. Unfortunately, laser surgery doesn't provide vision for far away and up close for the 40+ crowd. 

Newer technology is being explored is to implant a very small optical disc within he front surface of the eye to divert certain rays to allow you to have good near vision.  A corneal implant, intracorneal rod, inlay, or whatever name they ultimately agree on is the next step to allow patients - even those who have had LASIK - to be able to see at distance and at near without needing reading glasses. These are only in study phases nationally at this time. But it probably won't be long before we're offering this as an alternative for those patients who say, "I see well far away yet I have to wear bifocals," and want a surgical alternative. There are post-LASIK surgery options for improving near vision.  Our recommendation is that most people should wait as technology and research develops further before pursuing these surgical options.


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