Thursday, 16 May 2013
In Eye News This Month

After four years of study, the Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS 2) was released. It found that for individuals with age-related macular degeneration, Omega 3 supplementation did not reduce the risk of vision loss. The addition of Lutein and Zeazanthine slowed the progression of vision loss by 10%. This is a lower protective effect than what we anticipated. Also important, Beta Carotene, which is included in the original formulation, was associated with a higher risk of lung cancer especially in smokers or past smokers.

As with many comprehensive studies, there is a lot of discussion on the results. For our patients, one thing is clear. Using the AREDS formulation and substituting Lutein and Zeazanthine for the Beta Carotene in the nutritional supplementation is recommended. As for Omega 3 supplements, it is very important to be on a good Omega 3 and take it at the right levels. Omega 3s are used by us and other doctors for a variety of conditions such as arthritis. From an eye perspective, they benefit patients who have dry eye syndrome.

So, if you are using Omega 3s solely for macular degeneration and you already have some macular degeneration, this study does not say to stop. It does suggest there is no preventative benefit. What is still at question is whether Omega 3s and/or anti-oxidant supplements with Lutein, Zeaxanthine and Meso Zeaxanthine are helpful to patients that show no macular degeneration changes to prevent progression to early disease. Truthfully, most of the patients taking supplements are trying minimize the possibility of developing macular changes. If that is you, then stay on your nutritional L, Z, M-Z as it still may be helpful and is well-tolerated by the body.  Omega 3 supplements should be discussed individually with us regarding your eyes and possibly, your general physician regarding other body effects.

Posted on 05/16/2013 2:50 PM by Dr. Susan Kegarise
Friday, 10 May 2013
Spring Eye Allergies

Many of us are feeling the effects of spring by having itchy, burning eyes.  When managing eye allergies, it’s not a one size fits all answer.  Those people who have spring allergies should try to minimize their exposure on a heavily pollinated day.  Easy to say and tough to do.  So if you need to treat your eye allergy problems with a combination of therapies, here is a list in the general order that we recommend:

Oral antihistamines - Oral antihistamines typically are better for nasal and sinus issues. The eye is an end organ and it is often hard to get enough oral antihistamine to penetrate surface eye receptors to eliminate itching.  However if your oral antihistamine, which is generally an over-the-counter medicine, does take care of your eye allergies, then continue its use.

Topical antihistamine drops - The mainstay of relieving the symptoms and signs of allergic eye problems is a topical antihistamine drop.  These work in three ways.  First, once you put the drop in, within 5-10 minutes the itch should disappear. Second, if they are used daily they will help prevent the itch from occurring.  

Topical steroid drops - Much like the allergist typically will move from an oral antihistamine to a nasal steroid, we also use steroid eye drops to calm the inflammatory response which causes itching, burning, swelling, and redness of the eyes.  There are even steroid eye drops that you can use with contact lenses or can be safely used on a longer term basis at low dosages.

If you’re frequently suffering from eye allergies, we can help!  Make an appointment with us to evaluate you.  As always, we are also available via e-mail to discuss symptoms. 

Posted on 05/10/2013 12:02 PM by Dr. Susan Kegarise
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