Eye Diseases 


What is it?
A chronic inflammatory condition caused by a decrease in the quality and amount of tears necessary to bathe the front of the eye. When the cornea is exposed, dry areas develop which cause eye irritation.

Who does it affect?
Nearly everyone experiences dry eye problems once in awhile. The most common symptoms include burning, gritty or scratchy sensations. People who have a reduced volume or poor quality of tears are more likely to complain of dry eyes. Medications, hormonal changes, contact lens wear, general body (e.g., arthritis), eye or eyelid problems can make the symptoms worse.

How is it treated?
Artificial teardrops are helpful for most people. Anti-inflammatory drops also are used. Plugging the tear drainage system is often very helpful and can be performed in the office, without discomfort. Restasis ® is an eyedrop we use to increase the natural production of tears. Eliminating or reducing all of the contributing causes of dry eyes is very important.

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